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What We Believe

We at GPC affirm the following:

  • The Bible is crucial to our understanding about God, ourselves and the world.
  • God made everything including us, keeps everything going and will complete everything.
  • Jesus Christ shows us God perfectly and brings us to God.
  • From God's perspective we human beings have great value, but have turned our backs on Him.  The Bible calls this sin.
  • We can't return to God on our own.  Jesus brings us back through His death and resurrection, if we trust Him personally.
  • When we become Christians we join a world-wide community - of which GPC is a part.
  • God's goal for each of us together in this community is to increasingly become like Jesus.
  • If we follow Jesus, our destiny is to be with God forever.

In a world that is increasingly full of problems - nationally, locally and often personally - we genuinely believe that Jesus cares for us and can change things.  We have experienced that through Jesus Christ, no matter what our past, God offers us the chance to start again.

Trusting in Jesus, we can know forgiveness, freedom and hope for the future. He is able to change lives and mend broken relationships. Young or old, married or single, 'religious' or not, Jesus offers us acceptance, fulfilment and purpose. We are ordinary people, but we believe in an amazing God and our aim is to show His love to the community in a relevant way.

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