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PoD's (Pockets of Disciples)    

The groups have three basic aims:

  1. To get together for enjoyment and enjoy each other's company.
  2. Together to try to learn about and get to know Jesus better by reading the bible, talking to each other and to Him.
  3. To bless or be good news to people beyond this group - people who don't yet know the benefits and joys fo following Jesus.



What groups are there and when do they meet?


Mens PoD - Wednesday 8pm & socials. Contact Peter Stanbridge. There aim is to be Disciples of Jesus, support each other and reach out to other men.


Marriage PPP PoD - Wednesday 8pm @ Perkins House (Piddington) & Sundays for the Marriage Course @ The Kairos Centre. Contact Jo Perkins.  The team run the Marriage Course on Sunday nights (catering, washing up etc) and meeting for discipleship other evenings.


Melting Pot PoD - Wednesday evenings. Contact Lisa Smith. This mission has two streams 1) praying for Messy Church and Stepping Stones and 2) looking at ways to reach out to people who are asking the very earliest questions of exploration about God, using books and videos to prompt discussion in a safe environment.
The Coaching PoD - Mums and others meeting to support each other and take care of those leading our community groups; to celebrate successes and learn how to lead in our different enironments together by remembering the values that lie behind the groups.


Foundations PoD - Wednesday evenings at either the Karios Centre or a members house. Contact Christine Williams or Emma Anderson.  The PoD is primarily focused on Bible studies. The aim of each study is to relate a passage to Jesus and his ministry and also to discuss how the passage might impact us as individuals and as a Church today.


Hebrews PoD - Thursday evenings. Contact Linda Wood or Richard Alcock. There aim is to study the bible, to understand it and to apply it to their lives.  To meet for fellowship and to support each other in prayer, deed and friendship. 


Baby Basics - Thursday 8pm - contact Sabrina Oakey for location. Mostly mums who run a charity providing new baby essentials to mums in distress; as well as meeting for fun and suport too.


Allotment-eers - They meet fortnightly. For venue and time contact Graham or Tina Moy on 01604 765869. Growing fruit and veg and building relationships with the allotment community and working with Xstream.


If you would like any further details about who to contact then please speak to the church office on 01604 709519.


I'm no expert in faith - will I feel uncomfortable?

These groups are for any and everyone - thos who have been following Jesus for years and those who are not sure if they're following at all.  You are free to try and group out.  


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